Is Adidas Sustainable? [Child Labor, Sweatshops & Ethics]

There is a lot of discussion surrounding what companies do and do not use child labor in their production process. In light of the recent Rana Plaza disaster, people are more interested than ever in where their clothing comes from and how it is made.

Adidas has been caught up in this discussion, with some alleging that the company uses child labor in its factories today. Let’s take a closer look at the allegations and see what the truth really is.

Does Adidas Use Child labor?

Yes, some Adidas suppliers do use child labor. Adidas has a code of conduct that suppliers must agree to comply with in order to do business with the company.

This code of conduct includes a prohibition on the use of child labor. However, due to the widespread nature of child labor, it is not possible for Adidas or any other company to guarantee that none of its suppliers will ever use child labor.

Adidas does conduct audits of its supplier factories to try to ensure compliance with its code of conduct, and if violations are found, the factories are penalized.

However, given the prevalence of child labor in many countries, it is impossible for Adidas to guarantee that none of its suppliers will ever use child labor.

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