Is Nike Sustainable? [Child Labor, Sweatshops & Ethics]

Nike has been under fire for years now over allegations of using child labor in their factories. While the company has vehemently denied these claims, a recent report seems to suggest that there may be some truth to them.

This is a troubling development for Nike and one that could seriously damage its reputation. We’ll take a closer look at this report and what it means for Nike’s future.

Does Nike Use Child Labor?

There have been several scandals over the years that have revealed child labor being used in Nike factories in countries like Indonesia.

Investigations by the press and watchdog organizations have shown that children as young as 10 are working long hours for little pay, often in dangerous conditions.

Nike has pledged to end child labor in its supply chain and has put into place a number of programs to achieve this goal. However, the company admits that it still has a long way to go.

As part of its efforts, Nike is working with suppliers to improve the monitoring and identification of child workers and provide them with access to education and other opportunities.

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